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If ever there was an election for "Queen of Pennsylvania Blues", anyone who has seen or heard her voice would vote for Bev Conklin, the powerful vocalist for The BC Combo (formerly BC and The Blues Crew). This multi-award-winning band delivers outstanding live performances and great recordings. Using a great feel for R&B and funk, and mixing in a generous dose of the Blues, BC and the boys blend a sound that showcases vocals, saxophone, guitars and that great Hammond B3 sound, anchored by one of the BEST rhythm sections in the Northeast.

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  Bev Conklin (BC) of The BC Combo  

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The BC Combo at Blast Furnace Blues Festival 2011 (photo by Jeffrey Heller)

The BC Combo I thought your set was fabulous--your band filled the music to perfection. Dave Smith is such an important part of your show - loved it... Michael Cloreen (Blast Furnace Blues Festival 2012)