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The BC Combo
2010 "Live-ly"

The BC Combo
Available at cdbaby.com
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BC & Wayne join Tower Suite & Friends
2010 "Recorded Live at DeLorenzo's"

Tower Suite & Friends
Available at cdbaby.com

Friar's Point with Bev Conklin
2011 NEW RELEASE "Live at Sun Studio"

Friar's Point with Bev Conklin Live at Sun Studio, Memphis TN June 2011
Available at Friar's Point Website

BC & Lea
Live at Godfrey Daniels
with The Blues Crew and Eric Byrd

CD Design by Lori Donovan; BC Photo by Rick Moclock.  Recorded live: "Lea Gilmore and Bev ‘BC’ Conklin flat tore up Godfrey Daniels the other night. I have heard lots of blues there, both from out in the house, or, like Saturday, from behind the soundboard, but I have NEVER seen an audience on its feet like they were then, and I haven't heard many performers having this much fun, either. From smooth soul to roaring blues, alone or together, BC and Lea, backed by The Blues Crew with Eric Byrd on keys, just kicked some major butt! There is a lot of blues happening in the Lehigh Valley, but if you want to have a first rate howling good time, I suggest you catch this Crew." Mike Space Entertainment Director - Godfrey Daniels

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"Good One!"

"Good One! more than lives up to its title."  Dave Howell, Morning Call
BC & The Blues Crew
Live at Godfrey Daniels 2008
Cover Photo: Rick MoClock

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Creole Etouffee

Creole Etouffee
2001 LVMA Award
Best CD

Cover Design: Marianne Barbaz

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business
2003 LVMA Awards
CD - All Genres
CD - Cover Design/Art

Cover Design: Jay Schuerle


Live & Unplugged

Photo by Rick Moclock known as "Mo" on WLVR 91.3 FM, Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA, USA
All CDs also available @
The Compact Disc Center
in Bethlehem, PA USA

Cover Photo: Rick MoClock


A Bruce Siekman Production (2008)
A Bruce Siekman Production
with Bev Conklin, Wayne Smith
and Nick Franclik among many wonderfully talented artists


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