"BC" Bev Conklin - photo by Dave Snyder

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The BC Combo with Zion Fritzinger- "Chain of Fools"
BC & Lea "Women Be Wise"
Tower Suite & Friends - "At Last"
Friar's Point "Dirty Money"
The Girls "Women Are Smarter"
BLUz VIPz "Going Down"

Member of WDIY
Member of Godfrey Daniels
Member of the Blues Foundation

"The Blues Voice of the Lehigh Valley"

Lehigh Valley Music Awards (LVMA) Winner since 1999...

Best All-around Performer
Best Female Vocalist
Best Blues Vocalist
Best CD (Unfinished Business & Creole Etouffee)
Best Band Website
LVMA Veteran's Award

LVMA Director's Award

Congratulations to BC, LVMA's Directors Award recipient, for her
contributions to music, musicians and the community of the Lehigh Valley.

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The BC Combo (formerly BC & The Blues Crew)

Bev "BC" Conklin (vocals)
Wayne Smith (guitar, percussion, vocals)
Joe Mac: (guitar)
Michael "POZZ" Pozzebon: (keys, bass, vocals)
U.S. Marine, Kevin Groller: (drums)


The BC Combo

"It's all about feelin' good..." whether they are performing as a trio in a local eatery or on stage as a full band at a major concert or blues festival, these highly award-winning, singer-songwriters bring you on their entertaining cruise every time. They are infectiously fun, dynamic and energetic - truly Americana!


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